Newsletter July 2013


Welcome to the Electronic Power Solutions Newsletter July 2013.

Our specialist AC motor control solutions business continues to grow. In March this year, we moved to larger new Brendale premises with improved office and warehouse facilities. Les Field joined the team in Internal Sales, we have updated our website, our Danfoss Sales Partner business is moving ahead with leaps and bounds, while we continue to support our Schneider drives customers with supply and ongoing support.

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The EPS Drives Advantage can provide direct benefits to Electronic Power Solutions Customers.

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Danfoss Expands Market Coverage with Sales Partners

Danfoss continues to expand its market presence in Australia through technical Sales Partners and an increased focus on major projects across all industrial and commercial sectors. As a result, access to all areas of support has extended significantly – the same level of in-house support at Danfoss remains in place, while Technical Sales Partners such as EPS now also provide technical support for Danfoss drives and softstarter to their customer base.

Coordination of on-site services and workshop repairs through the Danfoss Service Centre is also done via EPS. Read More…..

Downloads Available

EPS has compiled a number of documents to assist customers with the setting up of VSD’s and Soft Starters that we offer. These downloads are available from the EPS website and are updated frequently.

Schneider Electric Drives Integration

With an extensive knowledge of the Schneider Electric AC Drive range, EPS can provide high level support for current and legacy Altivar products, as well as the superseded PDL Electronics range of motor controllers.

For further information click on Drives Integration or contact us assistance.

Current Dowloads Available

Please click on the link above or go to the Downloads area of the EPS Website.

Power Quality – Harmonic Filter & UPS Solutions

Electronic Power Solutions has extensive experience in harmonic mitigation using state of the art active filter solutions, low harmonic drives and passive filter products.

Whether it’s a plant wide solution or a residential pump station upgrade, we can assist you with new and retrofit solutions to maximise plant performance or to meet energy authority limits.

UPS forms the basis of plant power supply reliability and quality. EPS can offer a wide range of standard and custom standalone solutions.
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Handy Links

There are a number of links that complement the documents available from the EPS Downloads page. Current Links include:

Technical Article – Output Filters and EMC Screened Cables on VSD’s

There are far too many misconceptions due  a lack of understanding and confusion in the market regarding the use of output chokes and EMC screened with variable speed drives. Unfortunately claims by some VSD suppliers  further add to the confusion.

The following technical article provides an explanantion on the effects of VSDs on cables and the motor connected to the VSD, to assist in understanding what the issues can be and how to address these if necessary, as well as the types of filters available, together with their functions. Read More……


Software Links
The following links refer to software downloads and updates that have just been released.
Current downloads available are: