Mega Power+

Mega Power+


Modular UPS System – Hot Swap Plug-In Module

Gamatronic brings a new paradigm to the ­eld of uninterrupted power supplies with the MEGA POWER+ UPS. This truly modular UPS 250kVA/250kW delivers maximum power with the smallest footprint available on the market.

True N+1 redundancy of 25kW modules provides several critical advantages, including:

  • Flexible scalability: MEGA POWER+ ensures future growth with load increase with a wide power capacity
    range: from 25 to 250kVA/kW. This scalability feature enables the user/designer unprecedented flexibility to
    correctly size the UPS for today, next month, next year (There is no need to supply spare UPS capacity in
    advance; only what the user/designer currently needs.)
  • Minimal maintenance: MEGA POWER+ delivers very low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), which results in the
    fastest service with minimal costs.