The Danfoss Advantage

Continuous Improvement for Maximum Life Cycle

Danfoss VLT Drives have long been a leading manufacturer of drives, well known for their reliability. One of the key reasons for the Danfoss Reliability is that the company manufactures its own power electronic components in Germany and Denmark, including rectifier blocks and IGBT modules. In addition to this, almost the entire range of Danfoss drives are manufactured in either Denmark or the United States of America where Danfoss themselves will ensure the highest level of manufacturing quality in their own plant. We call that the Danfoss Advantage.

Other manufacturers rely mostly on third party suppliers for the most important devices in their drive with exposure to their reliability of build, supply and future product development by others.

The Danfoss Advantage will ultimately show up through consistency of performance and greatly extended product life cycle – a direct long term benefit to the customer.
So, what about product development? Well, while from the outside the current FC100, 200 and 300 series drives still appear to be the same drives that were originally released in 2004, an FC Series drive purchased in 2017 is very different inside the enclosure. Through Continuous Improvement, components in the power section are upgraded as new technology or more efficient devices become available - this could include components discussed above as well as coils, chokes, cooling fans and so on.

These improvements certainly don’t require the complete revamp of how the drive is constructed or the addition of fancy mouldings or bright colours. We find that the market is more interested in functionality, interfacing with the drive and consistency in how this achieved. Again, through the Continuous Improvement philosophy, a huge amount of innovation has been added to the FC Series since its inception through updates to the main control card. Much higher functionality exists in today’s FC models than ever before, but backward compatibility for all control connections has been maintained throughout. A new main control card will be released within the next few months that will massively increase the drive processing power and memory to incorporate a higher level of Motion Control functions for example.

You can be assured that your next purchase of an FC series drive will contain the latest in Danfoss drive technology and innovation available.