Intelligent Heat Management

Intelligent Heat Management with Back Channel Cooling

VSD’s produce heat, and removing this heat from the switch room is always a major concern. As a general rule, the life span of an electronic device will decrease by 50% for every 10 degrees over its design temperature range.
As an example, a 110kW drive running at full load can produce 2,555Watts of heat into the switch room. With multiple drives, this can add up and planning needs to be done to ensure the drives operate within their specified limits.

One common method is to size a suitably rated air conditioning system to account for the heat. This can add significant cost to the installation as well as present maintenance and energy running cost issues.

With efficiency in mind, Danfoss have designed an extremely practical means of managing the air flow from to or from, either outside, or the inside of the room. The system includes options for the complete high power range, suitable for wall mounted drives as well as enclosure mounted drives. Kits comprise of all necessary fittings to adapt to a range of enclosures.

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Intelligent Heat Management


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