Netbiter EC350

Remote Monitoring Your Drive

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is growing at a phenomenal rate. Having access to your devices is one thing, but using the information you can see in a productive way is the real attraction.


There are many applications that the Netbiter EC350 is good at. EPS have explored the possibilities of variable speed drives installed in the field with a focus on the key benefits that make this investment worthwhile.


This package is designed to put the right information at your fingertips.

Remote Access and Control

Being able to start your pump, see the pumped volume or flow, know if there is no flow, a burst pipe, temperature influence, or know when your tank is full are features easily accessible. Other external possibilities include starting a generator, monitor the fuel level, know if a gate is open, which are just some of many advantages of a remote solution.

Direct connection to your drive can also enable access to other devices to interconnect such as generators, weather stations, web cameras, flow meters etc.

Preventative Maintenance

With the great flexibility of modern drives, preventative maintenance can be easily introduced by monitoring critical data such as motor bearing and winding temperatures, load vibration, predefined pump curves etc. The Netbiter EC350 via the Netbiter Argos web platform can issue daily or weekly reports on predefined parameters as well as issue immediate alarms such as drive faults or process alarms by SMS or email as soon as they occur.

Rapid Response

Downtime is a critical measure of efficiency and being able to respond quickly to problems can be paramount. By setting up warnings and alarms of critical parameters, a pre-emptive or fast response to issues can be very important to production.


To be in control of systems from afar is immediately beneficial in many areas including fuel savings, time savings and overall running costs.

The complete package

The Netbiter EC350 can be purchased from EPS with a predefined profile loaded to suit the model of drive installed. The interface between the Netbiter and the drive is by Ethernet which allows other devices to be integrated simply if required.

An annual subscription fee allows the full reporting and alarm functionality of the Netbiter Argos to be used.

A 4G sim card is installed into the Netbiter and assigned an account which is billed to your company on a monthly basis. Usually the amount of data transmitted for monitoring is minimal and monthly fees are around $10 or less per month.