Q: How do I directly convert wiring and parameter setup between PDL and
Altivar drives?

A: Please download Elite or Xtravert migration
documents from the downloads area on this website. Valid Registration details
are required. These documents show direct changeover details.

Can the Ultradrive Elite range be easily replaced?

A: Yes, and
there are more options available than ever before! There are choices in IP
ratings (IP20, IP31, IP54, as well as wall mount kits that ensure that the
replacment drive takes up less space than the PDL unit. A much more user
friendlier interface provides plain english navigation, and almost all
industrial communications protocols are covered. Contact us for details.

Q: Have the PDL Elite series drives been superseded?

A: Yes and the direct replacement for the PDL range of drives is
the new Altivar 61 and 71 series. See our product section for details. The
superseded PDL range remains fully supported for the next 10 years – this is
Schneider policy

Q: Are spare parts still available for the PDL
Elite Drives?

A: Yes aboslutely! – And, in accordance with
Schneider Electric Policy, spares and support will be maintained for the next 10
years. Spares are available through EPS in your state or by contacting Schneider