PowerShield Netswitch

Highly Configurable Remote Power Manager

The PowerShield Netswitch Master is an Internet ready device designed to allow administrators to remotely and individually control the AC power for up to eight connected devices, such as: servers, routers, modems and telephone networks. Moreover, the user can pre-configure to turn on/off specific outlets when a UPS or NetFeeler II event occurs or resolved. With the expandable function of allowing daisy chaining (cascading) of up to 16 client units, administrators can control a total of 128 devices.


– Support TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, PPP, SNTP, TELNET protocol.

– Connect using 10/100mbps Ethernet, Modem dial-up or a phone.

– Safe power up, down or rebooting from any land or cell phone.

– Individually control each of the eight AC receptacles from anywhere in the world using standard Web Browser.

– Remote and individually reboots locked up servers.

– Sequentially apply power to equipment plugged into the RPM.

– Customized TRAP and E-mail notification.

– Receive daily/event alerts.

– Remote setup support, once an IP address is assigned, the unit can be setup remotely through telnet commands.

– Daisy-Chain up to 16 units to control a total of 128 devices.

– Environmental Monitoring capabilities (Humidity, Temperature, Smoke, Motion, etc) with NetFeeler Lite (add-on)