Remote Power Manager

Remote Power Manager

  • Your Network Power Solution.
    Remote Power Manager is your answer. RPM is a network manageable, intelligent power control unit designed to provide control of power to up to 8 electrical devices. This power nerve center gives you control over your electrical devices either through a network connection, model dial-up or a telephone. Once connected you can re-set, power up/down the devices, and much more…Features:

    • Support TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, PPP, SNTP, TELNET protocol.
    • Connect using 10/100mbps Ethernet, Modem dial-up or a phone.
    • Safe power up, down or rebooting from any land or cell phone.
    • Individually control each of the eight AC receptacles from anywhere in the world using standard Web Browser.
    • Remote and individually reboots locked up servers.
    • Sequentially apply power to equipment plugged into the RPM.
    • Customized TRAP and E-mail notification.
    • Receieve daily/event alerts.
    • Remote setup support, once an IP address is assigned, the unit can be setup remotely through telnet commands.
    • Daisy-Chain up to 16 units to control a total of 128 devices.
    • Environmental Monitoring capabilities (Humidity, Temperature, Smoke, Motion, etc) with NetFeeler Lite (add-on)