Remote Monitoring

HMS Industrial Networks – eWon Remote Access

Electronic Power Solutions is pleased to partner with Global M2M Pty Ltd in Australia and offer sales and support for the eWon Netbiter, Cosy and Flexy solutions for remote machine and VSD management. The ability to control equipment and access data from remote locations can be very useful in preventative maintenance,  cost savings and plant efficiency.


Electronic Power Solutions have developed a number of profiles for different model VSD’s to allow for quick and simple connection. The Netbiter Argos cloud based program provides comprehensive logging, alarms and control. Please view the short video tutorial below for a brief introduction to Netbiter Argos.


The Netbiter modem also has the ability to create a direct VPN portal into equipment to allow use of manufacturers product specific software for tasks such as parameter changes and firmware updates.


The eWon Cosy provides a simple gateway to remote equipment such as PLC’s to allow direct connection using standard manufacturers programming software.


The eWon Flexy takes the IIoT gateway to a new level with data logging, data acquisition, email and sms messaging.

eWon Netbiter Brochure

eWon Flexy Brochure

eWon Cosy Brochure

Netbiter EC300 Series

Netbiter Argos

Netbiter Remote Access