About Us

EPS Drives advantage_r2_c2  Knowledge EPS has supplied to a broad range of industries, including mining, water treatment and sewerage, irrigation, manufacturing and processing, materials handling, and industrial plants across Australia. Regardless of the location, type or size of your operation, EPS will be able to help.Leadership To choose EPS is to choose satisfaction. EPS thoroughly assesses each job and application, carefully selects the best product to match your requirements, and co-ordinates all necessary in-house project management to deliver complete solutions as and where required.Development In-house product development allows EPS to ensure they can provide you with the best solution and the best fit for your project.

Reliability EPS is a reliable supply partner for major industries and distributors. With EPS, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest possible level of personalised customer services.

Support EPS has the expertise and experience to fully support the range they sell. You can expect superior customer service from EPS, including product selection and after-sales support.