Food and Beverage

Within the bustling domain of the Food & Beverage industry, seamless operations and uptime are key. Harnessing the strength of Danfoss Drives and the expertise of Electronic Power Solutions (EPS), we’re committed to delivering solutions that underpin the core of F&B operations across Australia and beyond.

The Danfoss Advantage

Danfoss Drives, renowned for their unwavering reliability and expansive functionality, have become an integral part of the Food & Beverage industry. As staunch advocates of the Danfoss range, EPS provides comprehensive support, specializing in the VLT Automation and VLT Midi range of AC drives.

Seamless Integration:

Danfoss Drives are lauded for their capability to integrate smoothly into all major industrial control systems, giving F&B plants, whether small or large, unmatched operational flexibility. With a strong presence in the Australian market, these drives have been the chosen solution for numerous food and beverage manufacturers, highlighting their trustworthiness and efficiency.

Our Expertise

At EPS, we’re not just about providing products; it’s about ensuring your equipment’s optimum functionality. Drawing from our depth of experience, we bring a personal touch to every project, ensuring your plant’s operations run without a hitch.

In-depth Site Audits:

We delve deep into your existing drives installations with our comprehensive site audits. This ensures the highest levels of availability and redundancy. In addition, our audit encompasses vital areas such as spare parts profiling and offering insights on aging equipment.

Condition-Based Monitoring:

Keeping your critical equipment running is our priority. EPS advises and recommends practical drive-based monitoring solutions, ensuring you get the most uptime out of your machinery.

Personalised Selection and Integration:

Our expertise shines in guiding engineers and electrical technicians. We assist in the meticulous selection and incorporation of the best Danfoss drive solution tailored to your plant’s applications.

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