Material Handling and Mining

In the challenging terrains of material handling and mining, the demand for robust solutions is paramount. With hazardous conditions, ranging from extreme temperatures to dust and moisture-laden environments, the industry yearns for systems that promise reliability amidst adversity. With EPS harnessing the strength of Danfoss drives, we’re setting new standards in robust operations for these heavy industries.

The Imperative of Durability

The inherent challenges in material handling and mining are no secret. Plants operating 24/7, battling extreme conditions, require equipment that’s not just well-built but also flexible to operate in diverse environments.

Built to Withstand

Danfoss drives, recognized for their robustness, are designed keeping in mind the rigors of harsh climates. Whether it’s the sweltering heat, abrasive dust, or challenging wet conditions, these drives assure reliability.

Unique Cooling Capabilities:

One standout feature of the Danfoss high power range of drives is their back channel cooling. This means even in compact spaces, these drives promise efficient temperature management, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

The EPS Advantage

With a profound understanding of the demands and intricacies of heavy industries, EPS brings to the table a suite of services that not only enhance operations but also ensure they remain disruption-free.

Holistic Solutions:

From heat management to implementing best practice control options, EPS has a holistic approach. We also offer detailed assessments of applications, ensuring the solutions implemented align perfectly with operational needs.

Expertise in High Power Drives:

Mining operations often involve equipment that demands high power drives solutions. At EPS, we are equipped to provide expertise in this domain, ensuring both efficiency and reliability. With the flexibility of the Danfoss high power range, we assure our partners in the mining industry a solution that’s both practical and intelligent.

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